Thursday, January 26, 2012

Future Home For Sure

I think I have found the perfect spot for the next FortBoonMac abode...there is a possibility we could end up in California for a tiny bit. Do you think a postdoc salary could cover this place?

check out this...

It would be great if it came furnished! I love that play structure and all the outside goodness.
Boon's only concern is that there isn't a lawn to mow. Maybe we could transplant this place to Montana and put it on an acre of land.

I will keep dreaming!

photos and more radness from LA Times

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

begin again

it is now twenty five days into the new year.
i started writing this post on day six of the new year.

after nineteen days i am still on the same page with how i am feeling about this new year.
for two thousand eleven
mr. boon and i had some resolutions.
we did a pretty good job. the ones that we didn't ace... we are on the right track to!

i spotted an idea from elise, who i think spotted it from ali.
it was to choose a word to keep coming back to during the year and how you go about your daily life. a little word to remind and inspire.

so before we went out on the town on the thirty first of december we had a little ceremony
(i may have forced this upon the holmstrom kids) to celebrate two thousand and eleven enlighten one another with our chosen word for two thousand and twelve.

boon's word = moderation
lindsay's word=being
miss jen's word= intention

so good.

i know some folks don't really care much for resolutions. that is okay. but i also think that is okay to continue to strive and have hope for finding your flow and what makes you feel alive.
so here are some little pieces from around the web that are helping
me to get up every day and live it, intentionally.

from (still trying to find the correct link)

A wonderful article from my favorite self- improvement blog, Live Bold & Bloom...

create a vision board like Kaileen Elise

my computer is full of bookmarks, google reader starred items, hearted tumblr ideas, and pins on how i want to live out each day.
cheers to making baby steps and getting closer
and closer to being in alignment.

Wishing you success in finding where you need to be.
Happy year from me (and boon) to you.

what should your word be? do tell!

Monday, January 23, 2012

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”

-Dr. Seuss

This is a space for nonsense and fantasy with a little bit of real life thrown in too.

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