Monday, February 27, 2012

Do you think I could pull it off?

I fell in love with this sweet little lady the other day on Pinterest.

After exploring I found out that this is Rita and she is 81 years old, living in the Seattle area. These BIG/LOUD glasses aren't exactly her style, but they are now her trademark. Her collection includes about 70 pairs (that have been gifted to her) and even though she'd rather a small simple pair of glasses... she doesn't want to hurt any feelings so she wears a pair a day. Check out some of her other styles over here. Watch the video of her explaining her story. Super cute!

My heart shades get a lot of attention and it has been very evident that they bring sunshine to the folks that I pass on the street. I am curious what it would be like to have a mega collection like Rita. I hope that in 55 years I can be half as cute as she is.

Erik would disagree...but I am okay if you want to start sending some shades my way!

Advanced Style seems like a pretty sweet blog.

Mary Hayes...make friends with Rita! She hangs out at Great Harvest!

P.S. Look at those lips! Maybe I should start wearing red lipstick now!


  1. I'm so sad...I lived in Ballard for 2 1/2 years and walked past Great Harvest almost every day, and I never saw this fabulous lady! I'm in love with her fancy collection :) Maybe I'll have to start adding to my collection of rhinestone eyeglasses so I can be like her when I'm 80. I've got three pairs currently, but it's a far cry from 70!


    1. Oh man! Maybe on a visit back there you can find her! Lol, you build your collection and I will build mine and then we can vacation together when we are old and be absolutely fabulous!