Thursday, February 2, 2012


before bed the other night, erik and i were talking about when we first met.

that boy has a darn good memory.

he told me that it was easy to get to know me because... i showed him all 240 pictures that were on my phone. (this was day 5 of knowing each other and our first time hanging just the two of us.)

i giggled. thinking, i probably did that. also thinking, who does that?

then i remembered when my ali from cali moved to the 406. one of the first times we hung out i made her sit down with 7 of my ginormous scrapbooks and look through those so she could get a lay of the land.

i like people to be in the know. i like to be in the know.
i know that all of life doesn't need to be documented...but if i don't document it...i don't remember it. and i like this life. i want to recall it all.

so i have:
too many pictures
several journals
my blog
every card i've ever been given
lots of wrist bands, tickets, & pieces of paper
to be able to recall it all.

sometimes i don't know what to do with all these remembering tools.

then last year i found Project Life.

i think i first spotted it on Ali Edwards blog.

now it seems like everyone is trying out project life.
some other my other favorite bloggers using this style of scrapbooking include...


my dear mother...
was so sweet and bought some project life goods for me this past Christmas.
everyday i dream about getting started.
but i am ready to rock n roll with it.
off to print pictures!

How do you keep track of all the goodness of your life?
Could you give Project Life a try?

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  1. Yes I want to try it after I finish my current scrapbook.... only three pages into it. But someday :)